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At one point in life a person may begin to

notice, over and over, those


And some people might continue to

focus, again and again, on those tell-tale little creases.


Now, as you begin to

look in the mirror, more and more, and

feel your TIRED, ROUGH, SUN-DAMAGED AND AGEING skin you might

ask yourself, “What happened???”


A person may REPEATEDLY start to

dwell, more and more, on their ever



… BUT…  have you thought about a TOTALLY NEW kind of treatment which you haven’t thought about yet???



feel VERY excited to introduce to you

Restylane’s NEW, INNOVATIVE skin care range.


Like NO other skin care, Restylane’s REVOLUTIONARY Day Cream contains a UNIQUE form of STABILIZED hyaluronic gel – the same hyaluronic gel found in you dermis - JUST LIKE IN THE 11 MILLION DERMAL FILLER INJECTIONS

used SAFELY by cosmetic surgeons on clients world-wide - produced by patented, and proven, NASHA™ technology.


DEEPLY embedded in a VERY special

lipid network, this UNIQUE combination can UNMISTAKABLY provide a person’s skin with:

· UNPRECEDENTED protection and

· ADDITIONAL hydration which has NEVER been seen before!



advancing lines to the point where you DESPERATELY...




Some might SUDDENLY start to

feel a sense of despair. A person might even begin to feel a little sad.


No matter whom you are or what climate you live in – the RELENTLESS advance of the signs of ageing is constant.

The fight against ageing is a NEVER-ENDING battle.




So, as you begin to

apply the world’s first hyaluronic gel based skin care range:

· a person will RAPIDLY see the results with SOFT, HEALTHY skin, as Restylane Day Cream

  contains active ingredients that improve the skin’s own detoxifying ability and speeds up   desquamation for dull, tired, old skin cells;


· You will QUICKLY notice how the addition of STABILIZED hyaluronic gel enhances the long

   lasting moisturising effect


· Feel confident this cream is HIGHLY compatible with all skin types as it is based on the same   hyaluronic gel found naturally in your dermis.


· Notice the luxurious, non-greasy, feel of Restylane’s UNIQUE DMS lipid structure



                          Now, I

feel SO convinced by my

patients, I feel SO certain that

my clients know what they are talking

about that I  




happy with your purchase.





In just 30 days, you too can choose to

feel for yourself the DRAMATIC

improvement in skin texture and firmness;

and see the RADIANT glow

in your complexion.


Avoid Gambling As You

take my 100% risk-free GUARANTEE!


That’s right. I feel SO convinced by my customers that this IS the world’s BEST MOISTURISER, I

feel SO converted by the results in see and hear from my patients that I ABSOLUTELY, KNOW YOU TOO WILL

feel TOTALLY happy with your purchase.





You heard me.

I am taking ALL the risk!


If you do not TOTALLY

agree, more and more, that this is the BEST MOISTURISER you have ever had,

if you do not COMPLETELY

concur that this is SUPERIOR to any skin care range you have

EVER tried then don’t

keep using it. Simply return your purchase for


My name is Gary Eldridge and I have dedicated my life  to

travelling the WORLD seeking the BEST techniques, learning the VERY LATEST methods pioneered by the world’s LEADING specialists and in search of the

BEST products to help my patients to

look SIGNIFICANTLY younger and feel MUCH happier.


I have done EXTENSIVE research into the world of moisturisers and dry skin lotions, I

feel VERY surprised, I feel VERY disappointed to

discover that, EVEN the BIG moisturiser companies fail to produce evidence to support their claims that EACH one of them has ‘the best moisturiser’. Very few companies agree to provide hard, objective proof that their cream was any better than another.



I found the BEST way to OBJECTIVELY compare one moisturizer to another is to compare what’s called Trans Epidermal Water Loss.

This is where we blow air on to the skin and measure the water content of the air before it lands on your skin and after it lands on your skin. By comparing different moisturisers you can OBJECTIVELY see which creams provide better protection to you skin against drying.


Another good way to compare creams is to

compare detailed clinical photographs of skin before and after treatment.


most companies refused to provide any proof or the ‘proof’ was

weak or simply nonexistent.



moisturised skin- result of TEWL testing
moisturised skin- testing for best moisturiser

Trans Epidermal Water Loss


Humidity of the air before the passing over the moisturised skin surface

Humidity of the air after the passing over the

moisturised skin surface

I request access to this report.

I consent to viewing pictures of a graphic nature, including pictures of medical and surgical procedures
I consent and request to viewing/receiving information regarding treatments, including Schedule 4 drugs